Making The Most Of Job Fairs helps connect employers and job seekers everyday and in many ways, one of which is through job fairs. 

Job fairs are only one piece of the job-search puzzle, but they may be just the thing to energize your efforts. Think about it, there are not many opportunities available where a job seeker is able to meet an employer prior to an interview, so it’s vital that you carefully prepare before ever stepping foot through the door. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before, during, and after the job fair to make it successful for you.

Before: Do your homework. Pay particular attention to the company participation list and research the companies you want to visit. Do you have a 30 second elevator speech? If not, draft one that highlights your career objectives, interests, skills and the type of job you want. Take it a step further and make sure you’re prepared to answer questions that might come up after your speech. You may even consider stopping by a Workforce Solutions office to perfect your resume, gather interviewing tips and brush up on your computer skills. 

During: Think first impressions. We’ve all heard the old saying about first impressions and yes, they are extremely important in a job fair setting. Of course you know to come professionally dressed. But, have you thought about bringing extra resumes, pens, notepads and perhaps contact cards to hand out? Speaking of contact cards, when you pick up an employer’s business card; make sure you write information on the back to make it easy to follow-up.

After: Follow up. Send a thank you note to each recruiter you spoke with. You may even choose to include an additional copy of your resume with your letter to guarantee that the employer has your information available. 

Remember, job fairs are an excellent environment to make connections, with employers and their recruiters as well as with other job fair participants. You made the effort to get out there, so make the most of each event and remember employers are there for one reason, they are looking to hire. 

To learn about job fairs happening in your area, logon to and check the “Workforce Solution Office Events” calendar at the bottom of your home page.   

  • Thanks to guest blogger Stephanie Leavell for this post.

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