Social Networking And Job Search

Modern day job hunting has changed and long gone are the days when people poured over the ‘Help Wanted’ section in their local newspaper. Today there are many new ways to research a company and contact potential employers. And while browsing to see which employers are posting what, trolling social media sites for official and even opinion information can also provide you great job leads if used the right way.

Have you ever considered using your social networking sites for your job search? If not, you might. Employers are. Social networking is an excellent way to start looking for a job and has essentially replaced traditional networking as the most successful way to find a job. But, maybe even more importantly, employers are actively using social networking sites too, to recruit candidates and research applicants.  

You may find some social networks will be more helpful than others depending on your needs. LinkedIn is an obvious (and good) choice, but also consider checking out topic or industry-related blogs, message boards and podcasts, and Twitter and Facebook are becoming more relevant job search tools every day. For more information about the top 10 most popular job networking sites, read this.   

Speaking of Facebook, they recently partnered with the US Dept. of Labor, NACE, DirectEmployers Association, and NASWA to create the ‘Social Jobs Partnership’ Facebook page. The goal of this effort  is to help job seekers get information, job leads, and ultimately a job, all through the use of social networks. If you haven’t been on the Social Jobs Partnership page, check it out. It might be just the resource you’re looking for.  

Whichever network you choose to use, keep in mind your profile and posts need to look professional. You want your social ‘resume’ to give the impression you’re the right person for the job when a potential recruiter peers into your online footprint. And, always respond timely to employment inquiries and messages directed to you. The lead you hesitate on or ignore today could be the job you miss tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Social Networking And Job Search

  1. Oscar Garcia March 16, 2012 / 4:25 pm

    Unfortunately, the three main Austin WFS Capital areas have decided that “social media” websites use up too much bandwidth and have blocked access to some of the major sites. Until recently, was blocked as well.
    The impression I get is that some decision makers in the board still feel social media is still a time waster or not as effective as filling out paper application or sending your resume to the Company website HR black hole.


  2. Scott Eychner March 23, 2012 / 11:06 pm

    Point taken. The value social media can bring to the workforce system is more apparent every day and I think we all see that. There are also challenges, from technology factors to multi-faceted policy needs and implications, to tangible and perceived risk v. reward . Even more pressing to me is the generally limited resources available to focus on these challenges, but none of that is an excuse. The Texas workforce system, TWC and all 28 workforce development areas, have made progress in this area and continue to step further into the fray (albeit sometimes cautiously), and I have no doubt that with continued internal and external support, we will get where we want and need to be.


  3. kish1820 May 31, 2012 / 1:38 pm

    Great article! Thanks for sharing I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles about job searching and this is the most informative, also I find career confidential helpful if you’re looking for a great job.


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