New Program To Help Long-Term Unemployed

The US Dept of Labor is currently working with us (state workforce agencies) to implement a new initiative aimed at reconnecting the long-term unemployed with the workforce system and hopefully quickly, the workforce. A part of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 – Section 2142, this initiative will provide folks getting extended unemployment benefits some one-on-one time with a workforce professional, a re-orientation to the programs and services offered by the Texas Workforce System (TWS), an evaluation and advisement about possible career transition and training opportunities, and assistance with job search tools and techniques including

Some of the types of job seekers we expect to see are folks who have been unemployed so long they’re beyond frustrated with finding a job and have essentially given up; folks whose job skills have become somewhat dulled due to lack of use; and folks who came from and are still looking for work in career fields that are either losing or have lost relevance in today’s work place (VCR repair as an example).

Unfortunately none of these come as much of a surprise, but I was interested to recently read about the disproportion in unemployment between younger (49 and lower) and older (50 and over) workers, particularly those considered “long-term unemployed”, those out of work at least six months, with even 40% of those out of work for more than a year. If you’re interested, this study, done by the National Employment Law Project, can be found here.

So how does all this connect? Well, the two main things the study above identified as most glaring needs for older workers were 1) addressing their special training needs, and 2) targeted reemployment strategies. And, these are also two of the main things this new Re-Employment Assessment program will provide to long-term unemployed individuals. And because many of those are older workers, this program could be a great thing for folks who right now need a great thing.

TWC and TWS will begin outreach for this new program in mid-April.

3 thoughts on “New Program To Help Long-Term Unemployed

  1. Carl Haynes March 23, 2012 / 6:20 pm

    I am actually employed by “EXPRESS EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONALS”. In New Braunfels,Texas. I have been there since approx January 23, 2012. I have not earned 300.00 the entire time! and that ain’t nowhere near enough to live off of… I am steady searching for FULL-Time, and Steady salary. I am 54 years old. I am feeling seriously “AGE-Discriminated ” against being hired. I have NO $$. I need HELP… PLEASE…


  2. M.b. April 10, 2012 / 1:01 am

    I found myself trapped in the temp to hire fantasy world. But no
    employer wanted to permanently hire a temp and pay them benefits
    on top of a wage. So they just kept extending the temp status even
    as long as “years”. When a permanent job opportunity came along?
    The potential employer would look at the resume, and see the endless
    list of temp jobs and exclaim “you don’t seem to want to stay anywhere
    too long”. Sheeeesh!
    I have sent out about a hundred resumes. No one wants to hire a
    man with a multi-page resume.
    Since I complained to the agency about the lies told about being hired
    permanently, they dropped me. (they don’t care if you don’t get hired,
    they make their money off your temp status anyway).
    I gave up looking for work in 1997. I lost my skills I had for my
    engineering position. I never gave up my desire to work though.
    My wife earned enough to take care of us both. I stayed home and
    eventually had to take care of my ill mother. Now my wife would like a
    break from the pressure and uncertainty of having the only job
    supporting us. I never took any assistance in my life. I want a decent
    job and want to earn living wage. It should be my right to do so.
    I live in the Michiana area, Niles, Mi


  3. TBH April 10, 2012 / 7:30 pm

    I’m an older worker and I commented a few weeks ago on the fallacy of the TWC system and unemployment but my comment was not allowed. I am stuck in a group of underserved and underemployed. I’m too young to retire, too ill to work a decent job, barely able to work, but I do, so I can’t get disability or SSI. I haven’t had healthcare since I was laid off last year (the only older worker in a group of twenty year olds who didn’t get laid off.) It’s almost like I’m not supposed to exist. I have no place on this planet. I have worked for thirty-something years but it means nothing today. I’m tired of being treated like I’m some kind of malingerer by government agencies. I want a job; I don’t want this crazyness of benefits that every government employee is doing their best to disqualify me for.


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