Why Can’t I Apply For Any Job I Want?

We get this question from time to time, usually from job seekers wondering why they have to set up a profile and select location, pay, and job preferences in WorkInTexas.com before they can even find a job.  There are a few reasons, some admittedly more bureaucratic than we’d like, but make no mistake, there is a method to the sometimes perceived madness, and it’s all about perspective.

First, we’re funded by tax dollars, and that type of funding always comes with an expected level of accountability. Not much we can do about that (that’s the bureaucratic part), but it’s understandable and we do the best we can.

Second, we’re actually funded by employer tax dollars, so much of what we do is to meet and support the needs of business. This is also where the two reasons come together to create the complexities that job seekers are talking about when they ask the question above.

Most job search sites are “job lead” sites, meaning they allow job seekers to self-screen and apply if they think they’re qualified. WorkInTexas.com is a “job matching” site, meaning employers and job seekers detail their desired and possessed skills and then the two are matched via an automated process that is meant to ensure the job seeker has/can do what the employer wants and needs. And that’s why it’s all about perspective.

There is no right or wrong, it’s chicken and egg; job lead vs. job matching. WorkInTexas.com has chosen to job “match” because we think it sets us apart from the rest and because it’s a better service to everyone. And that’s the method to the madness. We need good and complete detail up front from users, both job seekers and employers, so we ask for more up front.  And the better that level of detail, the more accurate the job matches. And the more accurate the matches, the more likely there is to be a hiring connection between job seeker and employer. And that’s really what matters.

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