Supply and Demand Pie Charts

Recently we were asked to put together a few graphs that show the supply of job seekers and the demand of employers (via job postings) available in; to help connect the dots for folks who aren’t familiar with the public workforce system in Texas.  This initial effort quickly spun into a number of different but related directions.  And, once the results were displayed graphically, the pictures they painted were quite stunning. 

If you’re an employer you might like to know that:

  • At any given time there about 600,000 job seekers active and available to you in  
  • Over the course of any given year, you have access to about 2.1M unique job seekers via (not all of whom are unemployed).
  • The skill sets available to you run the gamut; from individuals who literally have no work experience to high-profile and very technical individuals, like 62 geophysicists and even 7 nuclear engineers. 
  • Due to a combination of factors (a turning economic tide, the level of service and available supply, and other less obvious things), the number of job openings you’re putting in is up about 37% from December 2011 (60K to 82K).  

If you’re a job seeker you might like to know that:

  • The number of jobs posted in is up 37% from about 60,000 (in Dec 2011) to about 82,000 (now).
  • Add in the jobs we pull in from the National Labor Exchange each night and you’re talking about 118,000 unique, real jobs.  That’s a lot of opportunity.
  • The skill sets being sought run the gamut; from no experience/no education required to high-profile and very technical jobs like geophysicists.

Here are the charts, one showing supply (job seekers) and one showing demand (job postings), both from a statewide perspective.

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