June Is American Job Fair Month

The U.S. Department of Labor has declared June as “American Job Fair Month.” This was done to create an opportunity for the workforce system, local workforce offices, and all partners in the American Job Center Network, to promote their services to employers. USDOL is encouraging all states, local workforce boards, and American Job Centers to participate in American Job Fair Month by sponsoring a job fair during the month of June.

How can you participate?

  • Visit the Business Services Leadership site for all the materials you will need to promote American Job Fair Month.
  • Join the LinkedIn community for Business Service Representatives and others serving business to receive communications about American Job Fair Month.
  • Check out the Workforce Solutions Events Calendar in WorkInTexas.com to find job fairs near you.
  • Have other questions? Send them to businessrelations@dol.gov.

Additionally, here are two resources to help you find job fairs happening in your area.

And finally, for information on the benefits of job fairs and how to be prepared for them, read Making The Most Of Job Fairs. Don’t underestimate their value, and never go in to one unprepared. If nothing else, job fairs are a great opportunity to talk with people who are hiring or seeking work in order to help you better understand what’s happening right now in the job market.

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