Job Growth

USA Today recently posted an article about the pace of job growth across the country, generally concluding that, as we’ve said before, it’s all over the place. The article is interesting but even better (more useful) is the chart they created a few years back and have been updating every month.

This chart shows national and by state, metro area, and industry, where job growth has been and is taking place, and where it’s not. This is obviously useful information to help inform job seeker decisions, particularly if you’re currently unemployed or under employed. And the really cool part is the graphic they provide that connects actual job growth for the past 4 years and projected job growth for the next 4 years. In short, if you’re trying to figure out what occupational fields are coming, going, or might be good to try to get into, this picture is worth 1000 words. The chart can be found here.

And one final factoid; Forbes recently published an article about US cities with the 20 lowest unemployment rates, and two of them were in Texas. Midland at #7 and Odessa at #18. Of course it’s easy to point to the energy industry as responsible for much of that positive story, same with South Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, etc. But as our former Chairman and JFK before him were fond to point out, a rising tide lifts all boats. And of the 200 US cities with the lowest unemployment rates, 21 are in Texas.

To find jobs in these cities using, use the Job Posting Browse-Location search option.

Next week we’ll look at 10 career fields projected to be the hottest in 2020 and how that compares to what we have in today.

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