A Resource For Veterans

As many did this past weekend, we too took time to salute all our US Military personnel and veterans for their sacrifice and service to this great country. The role they play in allowing most of us to live relatively care-free lives cannot be overstated, and I for one am guilty of taking that for granted all too often.

The US Military is seldom described as a training organization, but in fact it is, and the largest one in the world at that. And the product of all that training are men and women who are focused, dedicated, able to work well under pressure, understand the meaning of “good” communication, and routinely function in environments where command of subject matter and ability to quickly process information and react are absolutely critical to success. In short, they’re great potential employees. The trick really, is just making the connection with them.

That connection is something the public workforce system is continuously working on, and it takes many forms. It’s connecting employers and veterans, military skills to non-military career fields, military training to public accreditation programs and industry-recognized credentials, and so on.

Specific to the connection between employers and veterans, I’d like to point out MilitaryFriendly.com and a page they’ve put up detailing the Top 100 most veteran-friendly employers. The list includes company name, profile, accolades, a link to open jobs, and a ton of other relevant information about their efforts specific to hiring veterans.

It’s a great resource for any vet looking for work and I hope you’ll share it with any you might know. I’m not saying it’s an “in the bank” job offer, but an educated job seeker is a well-prepared job seeker. And knowing which companies have an ongoing commitment to hiring veterans for what they bring to the table, well, there’s not much better prep than that.

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