Highest % Job Growth-Post Recession

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it’s a natural time to reflect on all the good in our lives. With that in mind, it seems appropriate to talk about the positive job growth seen by many areas in the wake of the Great Recession. And the good news, three of the top 10 are right here in Texas.

“There is a close correlation between the top locations for job growth and the concentration of fast-growing industries in those markets,” said Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder CEO. “Technology hiring is a big contributor for growth in the Bay Area and Raleigh, while Texas cities, Oklahoma and Salt Lake are benefiting from strong oil and gas activity. The rebound in manufacturing helped to land Detroit in the top 10 while healthcare continues to thrive in Phoenix.”

The 10 areas with the highest percent of job growth from 2010 to 2012 are:

  1. San Jose, CA (includes Sunnyvale and Santa Clara) – 63,290 jobs added since 2010, signifying 7% growth
  2. Houston (includes Sugar Land and Baytown) – 165,969 jobs added, up 6%
  3. Austin (includes Round Rock and San Marcos) – 49,131 jobs added, up 6%
  4. Detroit, MI (includes Warren and Livonia) – 92,407 jobs added, up 5%
  5. Salt Lake City, UT – 34,137 jobs added, up 5%
  6. Oklahoma City, OK – 28,992 jobs added, up 5%
  7. Raleigh, NC (includes Cary)– 24,725 jobs added, up 5%
  8. Dallas (includes Forth Worth and Arlington) – 128,644 jobs added, up 4%
  9. San Francisco, CA (includes Oakland and Fremont) – 84,014 jobs added, up 4%
  10. Phoenix, AZ (includes Mesa and Glendale) – 81,606 jobs added, up 4%

And just for grins, following is a list of specific industries where percent of job growth has increased by double digits from 2010 to 2012:

  1.  Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals – 28,333 jobs added since 2010, signifying 30% growth
  2. Drilling Oil and Gas Wells – 21,970 jobs added, up 29%
  3. Electronic Shopping – 25,327 jobs added, up 23%
  4. Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction – 32,715 jobs added, up 21%
  5. Temporary Help Services – 438,116 jobs added, up 21%
  6. Machine Shops – 44,754 jobs added, up 18%
  7. Marketing Consulting Services – 27,113 jobs added, up 13%
  8. Computer Systems Design Services – 88,740 jobs added, up 12%
  9. Specialized Freight (except used goods) Trucking, Local – 22,936 jobs added, up 11%
  10. Home Health Care Services – 116,360 jobs added, up 10%

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