A Little WorkInTexas Trivia

Today marks the beginning of the 16th Annual Texas Workforce Conference, “The Challenge of Change.” In many ways, and as the nation moves out of the Great Recession, the public workforce system is dealing with all kinds of change. Change in expectations, in available resources, how the world does business, not to mention how employers and job seekers connect and how we advise and educate kids (and job-transitioning adults) about the job market and their occupational options and choices. Suffice to say, these are interesting times.

As usual, the conference boasts a great exhibit hall and WorkInTexas.com is one of those exhibitors (booth #411). And to entice those attending the conference this year to come see us, we’ve opted for a little trivia contest, complete with prizes (sorry, no iPads here). All you have to do is stop by and correctly answer 5 of the 10 questions below.

We look forward to seeing you, and good luck!

  1. What was the actual go-live (roll-out, soft launch, etc) date for WorkInTexas.com?
  2. When did the WorkInTexas.com “make-over” roll out?
  3. What are the four primary job matching criteria (elements)?
  4. When did JobCentral (now US.jobs) replace America’s Job Bank as the National Labor Exchange?
  5. What is the name of the (dot) jobs microsite for WIT?
  6. WorkInTexas.com is Texas’ state labor exchange system as required by what?
  7. How many total Occupation/Experience/Education combinations can an employer have for one posting?
  8. How many different types of Browse Jobs options are there for job seekers?
  9. How many Saved Searches can a job seeker have?
  10. How many direct hires/placements have been made via WorkInTexas.com since go-live?

If you aren’t able to attend this week, take your best shot anyway; we’ll post answers next week. And, feel free to follow the conference on Twitter at #twc2012.

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