WIT 2012 – The Year In Review

As each year ends, it’s natural to look back and think about what you’ve accomplished; personally, professionally, even technologically. I’ve been doing some of that lately related to WorkInTexas.com, and if I had to title the past year I think it would be “The Year of Change.” And that’s all kinds of change; in strategic direction, how we operate, the methods we use to complete work, and even who actually does that work.

WorkInTexas.com kicked off January by rolling out a complete look-and-feel makeover to the site. This was a great change and allowed us to not only make things look better, but also make them work better by incorporating new technologies and updating existing functions.

April saw the roll-out of a new federal initiative targeting the long-term unemployed and took the better part of six months for WorkInTexas.com and other TWC systems to fully implement. All told though, it’s been a great thing and will ultimately provide much-needed assistance to almost 200,000 unemployed Texans.

May saw the official beginning of an internal re-organization effort to consolidate the labor exchange and case management functions into a single Workforce Systems project team. These two systems so extensively share customers and customer information that it only made sense. And while any re-organization has it challenges, we and our customers will all be better for this in the years to come.

Summer saw meetings with partners across the state to discuss the future of the Texas workforce system. And much of that discussion centered around systems and technologies, including WorkInTexas.com. We spent much of the fall documenting the outcomes of these meetings in order to map a strategic direction for 2013 and beyond, and that brings us to today.

We’re working to confirm and prioritize that strategic direction now and hope to have a road map after the first of the year. It’s not something we’ll complete in a year, but it starts now. Stayed tuned.

Happy Holidays!

One thought on “WIT 2012 – The Year In Review

  1. Sue The Brit! :-) December 28, 2012 / 9:50 am

    Very nice!


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