Best Jobs Chat

Last week I participated in a Twitter chat hosted by @USNewsCareers focused on the best jobs of 2013. The chat’s main purpose was to have industry experts answer four specific questions (below) as well as provide information and tips about how personal and professional skills, networking, and education can help you get into a particular career field. The conversation and information were good and relevant for anyone looking for a job.

  1. What future trends in technology will help the sector’s job market expand?
  2. How can internships during college boost job prospects for those hoping to enter healthcare?
  3. Many #bestjobs2013 are in social work/counseling. What traits are crucial for those looking for this line of work?
  4. Why are college degrees becoming more necessary for executive assistants?

Even though it’s over, you can go to Twitter and search on the chat hash tag #bestjobs2013 and see the entire conversation. If you’ve never done a Twitter chat before, they can be overwhelming due to the speed of the conversation and the amount of information shared. But, if you just scan the conversation string rather than trying to read each entry, you’ll catch the nuggets, and that’s really what a chat is all about.

To give the chat some context, prior to it happening USNews published a list of the Best Jobs in 2013, and much of the conversation was about that. It’s an interesting list with some surprising entries.

If you find a job on the list you want to know more about, search to see what kind of demand there is in Texas for that job, or search TexasCARES to learn what type of training, education, knowledge, skills, and abilities are needed to do it. If you have any questions beyond that, contact your nearest workforce solutions office where workforce professionals are ready and available to talk.


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