More Workforce Data

For those that don’t know, Workforce is second only to baseball in its love affair with data. But, like baseball, if understood and used correctly, that data can be a very powerful and informative thing.

We’ve done a couple of posts now on specific resources that can help you better understand the Texas job market, specifically Answering the Job Trends Questions and Understanding the Available Labor Pool. These sites are great and are constantly updated, but if you’re looking for bigger picture, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a good place to start.

BLS provides national tools, similar to the Texas-specific ones, to help you understand the national job market. Most are pretty easy to use and, to the extent you’re looking for employees, a job, considering relocating or opening a new location, or just generally curious, these charts and graphs can be quite interesting.

There are a lot of options and we encourage you to look at all of them. They are not meant to be the only indicators you use, you’ll notice the data does have a delay, but they do provide pieces to the puzzle to help you make more informed decisions about what you want to do and where you want to do it.

In the interest of your time, below are a few that stand out to us.

1. Largest occupations by state/city – This chart shows the top 10 career fields with the most people working in them, by state/city. And how is that helpful? Knowing where there are lots of filled jobs can be an indicator of where there might also be lots of job opportunities.

2. States with highest levels of employment by occupation – This is a different slice of #1, allowing you to pick any occupation to learn which states employ the most people in that job. And the benefit of that info is the same as above, more workers can mean more opportunities.

3. Cities with highest levels of employment by occupation – This is the same as #2, the difference being you’ll find out which city employs the most people in a given job.

4. Occupational employment statistics by state: map – This map allows you to select a job and see, based on a color-key, which states and cities have: a high concentration of those jobs; pay higher salaries for those jobs; or employ the most people in those jobs.

2 thoughts on “More Workforce Data

  1. Gerry Fluharty February 28, 2013 / 6:57 pm

    The labor market stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are also available for smartphones. For Android it can be found in the Apps section under “labor stats”. I don’t know what it is for the Windows phone. You can have all that info in your hands wherever you are. It’s a great app.


  2. Scott Eychner February 28, 2013 / 8:25 pm

    Great tip, thanks!


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