I Will Win. Why?

There’s a scene about halfway through the movie “The Company Men” that finds the main character unemployed and attending a job search workshop-type event. In the scene the workshop facilitator is trying to prepare the group for the difficult task of finding a job, and as part of the exercise to instill some self-confidence has them repeating the mantra: “I will win. Why? I will show you why. Because I have faith, courage, enthusiasm.” Everybody, this time: ‘I will win. Why?

Leave it to Hollywood to hit the nail on the head. For all the great things you might have going for you, your passion and enthusiasm will be what do or don’t put you over the top with an employer. If you aren’t excited about the opportunity you’re applying or interviewing for, an employer will know it.

Few groups exude a positive outlook greater than the National Federation of the Blind Texas. I had the pleasure of talking with the Austin chapter over the weekend, and while they face unique challenges that could understandably be a hit to their enthusiasm for looking for work, that is happily far from the case.

WorkInTexas.com has 150,000 available jobs; a lot by any measure. And while it’s easy enough find jobs based on a match of experience, education, skill set, location, pay, etc., your job search will start and end with your attitude no matter how qualified you are. That’s a (life) lesson that was reinforced to me last weekend, and one I’m sure we can all benefit from.

And that’s why we will all win. Because we have faith, courage, and enthusiasm!!

One thought on “I Will Win. Why?

  1. jim doutit April 8, 2013 / 9:57 pm

    i will find a job i know i would rather find a job sooner than later i hope it a good job you have keep hope that what make people better


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