Going Mobile

By now I’m sure everyone’s heard the statistics about how many people access the internet from their phone or other mobile device these days, and how by 2014 mobile access will surpass that of desk-top computers. It’s no secret, just look around you, so it’s no surprise why the rush is on to go mobile. That is, anyone with a website worth its salt is working to make sure their site looks and, more importantly, works well on anything someone could use to connect to the internet. is no different, and with a little luck and some help from our friends, in short order we hope to have available a mobile-friendly version of the site. It will be a pared down version of the full site, allowing you to search for and apply for jobs, maintain a list of where you’ve applied, manage correspondence sent by Workforce Solutions staff, and stay in touch with your local office and their upcoming events, all from your phone or tablet.

We have plans to expand beyond this initial scope, but…one thing at a time. It’s taken a while to get here and we want to make sure we do it right the first time.

Finally, on a related note, the US Dept. of Labor also recently blogged about some of their job search tools they’ve just recently made mobile-friendly. Have a look, you might find something useful.

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