It’s Graduation Time

Graduation is wonderful time as people of all ages get to see educational goals realized. When you’re in school, it feels like it will never end. But it does, and life forces you into an exciting and sometimes scary new chapter. To all those graduating at any grade, Pre-K into K, HS Seniors out into the world, collegians into the professional labor ranks; Congratulations! It is no small accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself.

Today’s post, however, is for those waiting in the wings to walk their own stage in the future. Just about all education eventually leads to the workforce, with individuals bartering their knowledge, skills, and abilities for some level of compensation. And the extent to which you can understand (and anticipate) what employers will need when your education gives way to working, will generally determine how quickly you start working and how much you get paid to do it.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recently published some interesting information specifically about college degrees that I wanted to share. One of the reasons for this blog is to help educate job seekers about the job market (i.e. what employers want and need), and this research, along with it being graduation time, seem very appropriate. The information you gather today can be the reason for your super success tomorrow.

This chart shows Bachelor and Associate level degrees earned in 2011 and break them into two groups; the most popular (those with the most graduates), and the most profitable (those with the largest paychecks right out of the gate).

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