Why WorkInTexas?

Someone asked me the other day to forget for a moment that I work for the public workforce system and answer: If I were unemployed, where would I start looking for work.

My answer? Google.

Why? Two reasons: 1) Because the types of jobs I’m looking for are usually posted online somewhere; and 2) because there’s no single site on which all the available jobs out there are posted (sure, aggregators might have more than most, but they also have a lot of job “noise” I want to avoid.

The next question, as you might imagine, was…ok, so then why does WorkInTexas.com matter?

My answer: Because Google doesn’t post jobs: They don’t create content. Google makes their living categorizing and organizing unworldly amounts of web content into bite-sized chunks that common folks like me can use and understand. That way, when I search for say, “jobs in Texas”, that’s exactly what I get.

So what’s really important is to make sure your website content can be found by Google, that it’s been “search engine optimized.” And in the case of state job banks, that’s usually the first challenge. In Texas however, we’ve accomplished this by taking advantage of “.jobs” (what is .jobs?). This way job seekers, like me, can still use Google to job search, but we’ll get WorkInTexas.com jobs among our results and thus still end up there to view the posting and apply.

And that’s why sites like WorkInTexas.com are so important. We approve the employers who can post jobs on our site. We actively work with those employers to ensure current job content. And we track the connections made, and their outcomes, for everyone involved (employers, job seekers, and the public workforce system). And all at no cost to our customers.

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