It’s been a while since our last post but time has not passed without activity. We’ve been working on some very big things recently while also undergoing some organizational changes that should help better support the big things we’re working on. We’ll detail some of those big things in future posts on this blog, but for now some interesting data.

A couple of weeks ago we were asked about customer access, specifically how many people hit the site per month, what do they do, how do they access it, how long do they stick around, etc. We’ve always tracked this type of web-trend info but never posted it; for no particular reason other than we don’t have a good way to do it and it’s really tracked to help us better understand customer behavior. But since I have it and it is interesting, thought I’d share. Full Site Visitors

1)      What are the access points for users on Desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Desktop –  75%
  • Smartphone – 17%
  • Tablet – 8%

2)      What browsers are being used by users to access

  • We officially support (meaning we routinely test the site to make sure it works with) Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher, and Firefox 2.x and higher. However, it generally works on other browsers too like Chrome, Safari and Opera.

3)      What pages are users visiting the most?

  • gets about 5.5M unique URL (web address) hits per month, with about 2M of those hitting the ‘Browse Jobs by Text’ search function, easily the most used/preferred way for people to search for jobs in Mobile-Friendly Mobile Site Visitors

1)      Total mobile users per month – 400k

2)      Average unique visit time – 13 mins, 9 secs

3)      Tablet or smartphone – 25% of access is via mobile devices

  • 280K tablets, 120K phones
    • 150K were Apple devices
      • 85K were iPhones
      • 65K were iPads

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