Federal Contractors & WorkInTexas.com

– Thanks to guest bloggers DJ Bingler and Carolyn Moore for this post.

Attention Federal Contractors!! Are you aware that the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) recently published its Final Rule on VEVRAA (Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974) and its Final Rule on Chapter 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 , both with an effective date of March 24, 2014?  As a federal contractor, these regulations apply to you.

For Federal Contractors, the good news is that WorkInTexas.com helps you meet your mandatory job listing compliance requirements.

  •  Hiring-Official Contact Information:
    • Employer account self-registration: with your Federal and State Tax Account Number, you can create an employer account in WorkInTexas.com that includes the hiring manager’s business address.
    • User account:  when self-registering an employer account, you are creating a User Account which serves as the contact information for your company’s designated hiring official.
  • Federal Contractor Status: when creating a new job posting or copying an existing job posting, the “Federal Contractor Job Listing” field should be checked ‘Yes’ to designate the status of your open job posting as a federal contractor job. You will find this field on the first page of the job entry process: page name is “Job Posting – General Details.”    
  • Priority Referrals: WorkInTexas.com assists employers with providing priority of service to all military veterans by briefly limiting the ability to match with new job postings to VETERAN job seekers only. After the brief hold, job postings are released to all qualified job seekers.

The “Veterans Only” feature on our job postings offers veterans the opportunity to find new jobs and take advantage of priority referrals. This feature also benefits federal contractors by facilitating priority referrals of protected veterans as soon as job postings are opened.   

There’s one item in the ‘Final Rule on VEVRAA’ that may need your attention since this is not an automated feature in WorkInTexas.com. Please review and consider how you will include the requirement for specific verbiage in your job listings that indicates you are a “VEVRAA Federal Contractor” along with your Equal Opportunity clause stating that you are an equal opportunity employer of protected veterans (Reference OFCCP Frequently Asked Questions: Overview of the Final Rule Questions 8-11)    

Like most federal contractors, we’re still trying to interpret all the nuances and implications of the Final Rule on VEVRAA. But, be assured that as your Employment Service Delivery System (ESDS), WorkInTexas.com will continue to ensure we are doing everything we can to help you meet your compliance requirements. 

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