Want To Be An Engineer?

BAE-InfographicNew_10-2014If only my high school counselor had told me I could be weighing multiple $150K/yr job offers in 20 years, oh what I might have done differently.

Engineering wasn’t anywhere on my radar at 17, but there are a lot of people and a lot of efforts happening to try to make sure that isn’t the case for the workforce of tomorrow. I’d have had to work much harder in math and science, sure. But with a 6-figure payoff, cool job opportunities and exotic locations in which to do them, I might have listened: Who knows. The point is, for high school kids today, lack of access to information about career options and opportunities shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Ken Cohen, the VP of public & government affairs for Exxon Mobile, recently posted a good article about what it means to be an engineer. It’s an easy read and he nails the point in just a few words. It’s a great share for kids thinking about what they want to do when they grow up, but also for adults thinking about their own career options.

Engineers build snowboards and water-parks and roller coasters, design and launch rockets, and are testing ideas most of us haven’t even considered. But all occupations offer similar cool-factor opportunities depending on your interests. And in today’s world where data on everything is just a few clicks away, no one should ever have to look back and say “man, if I’d only known.”

Of course engineering is not for everyone, but for most who are willing to put their minds to it, doing what you want/something that rewards you in the ways you wish to be rewarded is not beyond the realm of possibility. The catch is having the information to understand and make informed decisions, at any age and at any level. A few different tools to help you do just that are provided below.

Career Exploration Tools

Also, for those looking for engineer jobs or to hire engineers, here are a few helpful links.

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