A Different Approach

I read an article the other day about jobs for creative-minded people that really hit home. Not because the jobs they highlighted weren’t obvious, but it was the different way of thinking about career choices that caught my attention. We, the public workforce system, generally approach career selection and planning from the standpoint of titles and standardized job coding methods. And it makes sense: It’s standardized; It’s repeatable; It’s relatively easy to explain. But with recent changes to public workforce system-enabling legislation that puts great emphasis on career planning, it’s important for us to remember that’s not the only way to think about it.

To say it a different way, we tend to categorize people by job titles rather than job skills. Helping people understand what it takes to become a nurse or an engineer is very much in our wheelhouse. Helping people understand what they can do if they’re creative-minded, not so much. And it’s not because we can’t, we just normally don’t. Skills, particularly soft skills like creativity, are squishy and harder to define. But that effort, at least for some customers, might be a better and more relatable way to help, giving everyone a better result in the end. It’s just a different approach to solving a problem.

Have a read and see what you think.

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