Top 10 Things You Will Learn from Attending a Texas Business Conference

By Ruth R. Hughs, Commissioner Representing Employers, Texas Workforce Commission

Are you an employer, human resource professional, business owner or manager? Do you have any legal questions associated with employing workers? The Texas Business Conference provides employers with practical, up-to-date information for operating a successful business and techniques to more effectively manage employees. Participants also receive the latest edition of the popular publication, Especially for Texas Employers, which addresses basic legal issues regarding hiring, post-employment, and work separation policies.

Listed below are the top 10 subjects you will learn about at our Texas Business Conference:

  1. What you should and shouldn’t ask applicants before hiring them
  2. The essential documents to get new hires to fill out or sign before they do any work
  3. The critical differences between employees and independent contractors
  4. The most important employee policies that any employer needs to have
  5. The worst personnel policies and procedures that every employer must avoid to minimize the risk of claims and lawsuits
  6. How to deal with employee injury claims and getting injured employees back to work as soon as possible
  7. Which employees can be exempt from overtime pay
  8. Which deductions are legal to make from employees’ pay
  9. How to effectively defend the company if an unemployment claim is filed
  10. How to get straight, honest, and confidential help from TWC – at no cost – if you are concerned about an employment problem

TBC CRE The Woodlands 2016.jpgIn addition, the Society for Human Resource Management Texas State Council (Texas SHRM) is offering professional development and Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) recertification credits for human resources professionals attending the conferences. Certificates for the Texas SHRM Professional Development Credits will be handed out to those attending the Texas Business Conference. In addition, certified public accountants who attend can earn continuing education credit hours and other conference participants may qualify for general professional credit.

Our next conference will be on January 20th in Houston, TX. Texas Business Conferences occur several times a year at locations throughout the state. For a complete list of dates and locations, visit the Texas Business Conference webpage at