Watch out for IMPOSTERS!

As disappointing as it may seem, there are people who will attempt to take advantage of Texans in times of need. TWC is reminding everyone to be vigilant when attempting to seek help or assistance online. Take steps to secure your identity online by practicing internet security best practices. Treat your TWC account and all accounts like you would your bank account.

What should I be on the lookout for on social media?

There are cleverly-designed fake social media sites and profiles that look like they come from TWC, but really they are scams that will let thieves steal your identity. They will then use your identity to apply for fraudulent unemployment benefits under your name or sell your information to someone who will. TWC does not conduct business or take personal information on its social media sites so if anyone asks for that information through social media, do not give it to them.

Do not to send any personally identifiable information or transact any business except through TWC’s unemployment insurance (UI) portal or Telecenters.

What should I be on the lookout for through email?

There was a recent scam using a spoof email address designed to mimic the TWC address. This scam was not only attempting to trick Texans into giving them sensitive information but also claiming there was a fee for applying for unemployment benefits. Applying for unemployment benefits is free and no authorized TWC representative would ever claim there is a payment needed to file a claim or expedite a request. TWC would also never ask for a social security number or similarly sensitive, personal information through email.

Again, do not to send any personally identifiable information or transact any business except through TWC’s unemployment insurance (UI) portal or Telecenters. 

What assistance can I get through social media or email?  

TWC uses social media and email to alert claimants to useful information that may assist them with understanding or applying for benefits. If there is information needed for a particular claimant’s case, an email may be sent directing that person to either the UI portal or TWC’s Telecenters. 

If you have general questions that are not claim specific, you are welcome to seek assistance through social media, but please be aware that staff working on social media do not have access to the claims database so they will be unable to give claim specific assistance or guidance. The best way to get assistance with your claim is either the UI portal or TWC’s Telecenters. 

TWC’s authorized social media accounts, used for providing useful tips and guidance only, include: 

  • Facebook: 
  • Twitter: 
  • LinkedIn: 

TWC and Fraud

TWC places prevention of fraud as its highest priority and is committed to tracking down fraudsters and bringing them to justice. The agency investigates every unemployment benefit claim to confirm identity and to lock accounts that are fraudulent. While TWC continues to work with law enforcement at all levels to prosecute fraud, all Texans can help stop this crime before it happens. If you receive correspondence suggesting a fraudulent unemployment insurance claim has been filed, please report it on the TWC fraud portal at: