Understanding The Available Labor Pool

Are you an employer considering relocating your operation in Texas? Are you opening yet another location? Are you opening your very first location? Regardless of the reason, if you’re wondering about the level and amount of potential talent in a particular type of job and area of the state, we can help.

In a cooperative effort between WorkInTexas.com and the TWC Labor Market and Career Information department, we have developed a tool to help current and prospective employers better gauge the potential labor pool available to them. Using the WorkInTexas.com database of job seekers as the basis, this tool not only shows you how many people have a certain skill set in a given region of the state, but it also lets you view their resumes to see their skills and qualifications. And, if you find some you like, it will allow you to get their contact information and reach out to them, right then and there.

The tool is called the Labor Availability Estimator and can be found on the Texas Industry Profiles website under the Workforce Supply tab. To use it, click Begin Here, select a search option (we suggest Keyword Search), enter a term, and click Search. This will give you a list of industries to which your search term is related. Next, click the Availability link on the right, select a location (specific or statewide), and click Continue.

Don’t let the details on the results page scare you, it’s pretty simple. On the right is a list of job titles that include some amount of the skills you just searched on, from most to least. Choose the one closest to the labor pool you’re seeking. The number shown in the TWC Appl. Trans. column represents how many people available to you via WorkInTexas.com are interested in that type of work. And if you want to view their resumes, simply click on that number and there you go.

Good luck, and as always, if you have questions or problems please contact a workforce professional near you.