Texas Is Wide Open For Veterans

Last week TWC, in partnership with TVC and Texas.gov, launched a new website for veterans called Texas Wide Open For Veterans. And while there are a million websites for various veteran causes already out there, what makes this one unique is its purpose – selling Texas.

In addition to promoting employment connections between jobs and job seekers via WorkInTexas.com, the site aims to reveal the many advantages and opportunities Texas offers to veterans who are considering making (or keeping) the Lone Star State their permanent residence. Texas Wide Open For Veterans markets Texas to veterans, as a place to live, earn a living, raise a family and enjoy all the state has to offer.

Texas Wide Open For Veterans is also a sister-site to the Texas Veterans Portal which provides information and connections on veteran benefits, education, health, communities and employment. Texas Workforce Commissioner Representing Employers Hope Andrade said at the launch, Texas “has so much to offer. With the highest job growth in the country, there are many opportunities for these veterans to find work in a variety of industries in Texas. And we want to make sure our men and women in uniform know that we’d love for them to make Texas their home.”

In addition to information about why Texas is THE place to be, the site features interactive maps that show Workforce Solutions Offices, international airports, VA hospitals, state parks, and more. It also includes a contact option to directly connect veterans and employers to workforce professionals across the state who can assist with or direct them on just about anything.

If you are, know, or work with veterans, give it a look. We think it’s pretty good, but anything can be improved and we’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.