The Future Workforce

“It’s hard to predict the future, especially if you’re still struggling to figure out what’s happening in today’s economy. But predicting the future is exactly what you need if you’re enrolling in college, starting a new career, or investing in new skills.” – Rick Newman

I’m referencing someone else’s work this week, but if any of the above situations apply to you or someone you know, it’s relevant. US News recently published an article about the Future Workforce that included seven sub-articles about different pieces of that future. And if you are now or plan to be part of the workforce, it’s worth the read.

One of those sub-articles details the top 10 jobs predicted to be booming in 2020. This is particularly interesting because when compared to what’s in demand today, you get a pretty good picture of where the workforce system might want to focus its efforts.

Jobs like nursing, computer specialists, and truck drivers top the demand list in Texas today, and two of those are predicted to still be big in 2020. Others on this list however, are nowhere to be found right now, so that’s something we’ll want to look over the next few years. Those top 10 are:

  1. Data Crunchers
  2. Counselors & Therapists
  3. Scientific Researchers
  4. Computer Engineers
  5. Veterinarians
  6. Environmental & Conservation Scientists
  7. Healthcare (Nurses, Audiologists, Dentists, PT’s and Specialty Doctors)
  8. Management
  9. Financial Experts and Advisors
  10. Entrepreneurs

To find out more about these jobs (i.e. what they do, what education and credentials they require, where you can go to get that education and credential, or to see available jobs in these fields right now), consider TexasCARES. This is a tool built and maintained by TWC that lets you research all those things above. Simply click this link, enter the job title you want information about, and then use the provided tabs to get what you want. I’d suggest the TRAINING link in the top nav bar to learn what’s needed, and the TX OPENINGS link at the end of the bottom nav bar to see available jobs in

Answering Job Trend Questions

One of the common themes you’ll find throughout this blog is a firm belief that an informed job seeker is a much better job seeker. The more you understand about what you’re facing, the more likely you are to set reasonable personal expectations and better cope with daily job search frustrations.

To that end, we talk a lot about how job seekers can become and stay informed about the job market, and some of the most common questions we get are about trends in it: What jobs are coming; what jobs are going; where are the most opportunities; what jobs pay the most, etc.

The good folks in our Labor Market and Career Information department have a number of tools that provide a ton of data on these topics, but there’s one in particular for job seekers I’d like to call out. 

TexasCARES is a website that lets you explore job opportunities based on your interests and work values, match characteristics of your most recent job with other similar jobs, and find specific job trend and related information. And the cool part, the site links to so you can see actual open jobs, posted in, in the career field you’re researching or interested in. 

Below is a list of job trend questions that TexasCARES can help answer, and instructions to help you quickly navigate the pages to get to the jobs themselves.

Click one of the links below, then select an Occupation title (you may have to select twice if there’s more than one), then click TX Openings in the lower right hand corner, and that will take you to the list of jobs.